Web Development Basics

Web Development Basics: What is a Web Developer?

Whether you want to create a website either for personal or business use, getting a web developer is a must. Despite the fact that there are numerous website builders out there, having a dedicated web developer ensures that the entirety of the website works as intended.

Now, people use the terms web designer and web developer so loosely and they sometimes even refer to them as one or the other. It seems that the lines have been blurred, but believe it or not, both of them have different responsibilities when it comes to creating a website.

What is a Web Developer?

Web Development BasicsA Web Developer is simply a programmer that knows the different programming languages that are needed to create either a website or a web application.

This includes languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and a whole lot more.

Now, there are two sides of the same coin: the frontend and the backend. The front-end developers mainly use code to create the features, the aesthetics, as well as the interactive elements. The backend developer mainly uses programming languages that handle the server side of things.

What is Their Job Description?

A web developer typically handles three things: Server-side Scripting, Client-side Scripting, and Database Technology.

Server-side scripting is where codes are used to handle the web server and everything that is done behind the scenes.

Client-side scripting is where codes are used to create what the customers see on the actual website. This can be anywhere from the color scheme to the animations.

Database Technology is simply where a website is maintained so that it runs optimally at all times.

In most cases, these tasks are divided amongst the developers in a web development agency. If you’re working with a full-stack developer, all of these duties will be fulfilled by them (but do note that since there will only be one person doing all of them, it would require a lot of time to complete).

The Programming Languages that Are Needed

Different tasks would require different programming languages. The things that are needed for each task are:

  • Client-Side ScriptingHTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Flash (legacy), Microsoft Silverlight
  • Server-Side Scripting- Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python
  • Database Technologies- MySQL, Oracle, Apache, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server

Remember that these are only some of the programming languages used for each task. There are still plenty of them out there, but the ones I’ve mentioned are typically the ones used for a particular job.

Web Designer VS Web Developer

Web Development BasicsI’ve mentioned earlier that the line separates the web designer and developer is blurred simply because there are a lot of overlaps.

For example, the web designer is predominantly focused on the aesthetics and mockups while the developer often handles the technical side of things.

Although this is true, client-side developers actually have plenty of know-how when it comes to the design of the website.

However, if we’re talking about their particular job descriptions, a web designer is a person who uses graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and many others to create the logo, the design, and even some prototypes of the actual website.

The web developer will be required to have a basic understanding of design, but they are mostly focused on writing the codes that are necessary for the creation of the website and the implementation of various features.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the information that you need to know about what a web developer actually does.