Telegram VS WhatsApp

Besides Whatsapp (for me the best mobile app for chat), there is one chat application that shares similar features and characteristics to WhatsApp called Telegram. Although Telegram is almost similar to WhatsApp, not many people know that Telegram is more superior compared to WhatsApp.

1. Telegram is safer and more secure than WhatsApp, they have a feature called Secret Chats if you want to try a completely secure chat experience and widely used by mobile app developers. So your ‘online status’ and ‘last seen’ can be hidden and it is not going to be shown to your contact list. This feature also does not allow forwarding messages.

2. Telegram and WhatsApp can be accessed on PC or laptop. However, what distinguishes between these two is that WhatsApp on PC requires the WhatsApp application on the smartphone to remain active. Whereas Telegram which is a cloud-based messenger application has a smooth synchronisation process. If the user is using a computer or laptop, the Telegram application on the smartphone does not need to be active so it saves battery life and you can go to other mobile apps while chatting on Telegram via your PC.

3. Telegram provides various file features although recently WhatsApp has a PDF file feature. Not only sending messages, photos and videos, Telegram also provides more varied file sending features, ranging from doc, zip, mp3 and more with a maximum size of 1.5 GB per file, which is much larger than WhatsApp which only gives a maximum size of 16MB.

4. The WhatsApp group only holds a maximum of 256 members per group which has increased from just 100 people before. While on its website, Telegram said that the Telegram group could accommodate up to 5,000 members of the group.

5. Many people are not comfortable with sharing their numbers with other people, but with Telegram you don’t have to give your number to other people. You can just tell them your Telegram username and they can add you and start messaging with you. Meanwhile, for WhatsApp, you have to add their numbers in your contact list first then you can have a chat with them.