Science-based Web Design Tips to Crush Your Next Website Project

Direct your users’ attention with visual cues.

Web design must be implemented well because it helps guide users toward the right path. You can accomplish this by giving importance to various elements that redirects their focus. Tell them where to go by through sitemaps and CTAs.

Include photos with people.

Images are important aspects of website design. At some point, you might consider including stock photos, but as much as possible, use original photos. Hiring a professional photographer may be expensive, but it’s a good investment.

Utilize the right list order.

People love going through list content because they are easy to read and digest. It’s an amazing away to communicate information.

Leverage social proof.

Show your potential readers and customers that you are making a good impression on most people. Showcase the positive opinions of other individuals on your content, service or product.

Make website speed a priority.

We all hate slow-loading pages. This can negatively influence bounce rate, revenue and conversions. If your website is slow, visitors obviously won’t stick around.

Take advantage of the above the fold area.

Believe it or not, the above the fold part still matters. This means that you need to focus on your content at this part of the website. Make sure to include a descriptive, clear headline, and include engaging CTAs.

Keep everything simple.

In the field of website design, less is always more. Visitors hate complexities that can slow down their browsing experiences. For one thing, ditching sidebars is highly recommended. This is one less distraction, and puts the focus on your content.