Is Web Design Really Dead?

When someone visits a website, they want to do a specific thing. For example, someone might access a website to, say, buy some stuff. Another person might access a page just to read information about a certain something.

We are so engrossed in reading and consuming content that we rarely ever appreciate the design of the page and the process that led to the creation of a website.

So, the question now is: “is web design really dead?” In this article, we will explore the possible factors that may contribute to the creation of this notion and we will see if it is really an outdated concept based on the online marketing agency.


  1. The Shift to Mobile

People make use of their smartphones more than their computers nowadays to pretty much do anything. When a person wants to access their online bank accounts, they will just use a dedicated app for that. If they want to know the weather, there is also an app for that. If they want to watch their favorite shows on the go, well, there is also an app for that.

There is a push for more mobile content and applications are being created on a regular basis that websites, well, seem to be dying. If anything, a website is created only to complement the already robust application that offers the same features; the only advantage to the latter is that it can be accessed by a portable device.

  1. The Emergence of Social Media

Social media platforms have been around for nearly a decade now and more and more people are already using it to connect with their peers and loved ones.

Although social media sites are still present, there are also mobile application versions of them and the latter is the preferred medium when people want to access their respective accounts.

In most cases, people now only make websites so that they can promote it on their social media platforms for extended coverage.

Sadly, people do not make websites just for the joy of it and to help sell their offerings. I am not saying that no one is doing that, mind you, but there is only a handful left in the populace that does so.

  1. The Popularity of Site Builders

Back in the day, when people want to create their own websites, they have to painstakingly create lines of code just to create the backbone of the site. They also have to go out there and include pictures and other media content to make their websites livelier than ever.

However, that is not the case anymore since a lot of people are using “site builders” to help them create their own webpages.

Site builders are online platforms that allow a person to create a website by just choosing some templates and that is it.

There is no more elaborate coding, there are no more intricate troubleshooting or anything; you just point and click from a plethora of options and you’re on your way.



So to answer the question that was raised earlier, Web Design is not dead. However, it is important to state that it doesn’t have its prominence and popularity as it did before.