How Stem Cells Can Be Used to Repair Bone Cartilage

Using The Stem Cells in Repairing The Bone Cartilage

Osteoarthritis remains to be one of the most prevalent causes of knee pain in the world. In fact, a sizable portion of the world’s population is experiencing it and according to them, it is just so unbearable to even move their bodies because of it.

For those of you who do not know, the condition is characterized by the thinning of the cartilage near the knee joint. Any friction due to moving the muscle joint can create enormous amounts of pain to the point that people can barely walk.

How Stem Cells Can Be Used to Repair Bone CartilageAcute treatments aimed to somehow relieve the pain would be the injection of anti-inflammatory agents near the area of the damaged knee and it also accompanied by physical therapy and sometimes even some oral medications. Although these things can help alleviate the pain, it really doesn’t cure it. The pain just stops but the underlying problem is still there.

Usually, people who have severe cases of osteoarthritis are advised to get a knee replacement surgery to fix the problem. The procedure, although helpful to patients with this condition, is actually frowned upon by many.

This is due to the fact that it requires a surgical procedure and the thought of that makes some people queasy. After all, it is not easy to go “under the knife”.

For those of who do not know, a knee replacement surgery is when the doctor will cut a small incision near the affected knee and replace the damaged cartilage with artificial implants that help mimic what the cartilage can do (which connects the muscle tissue to the joint itself).

Yes, the procedure remains to be somewhat pain-free given that the patient is given general anesthesia to take the pain away, but the problem here is that this is only a temporary solution. It is not a permanent fix.

There are some cases where the artificial implants contaminate the knee area and it could lead to infections instead!

Stem Cell Therapy

If you want a more permanent solution and one that truly works, then you might want to resort to stem cell therapy instead. In this procedure, stem cells that are found in your body will be infused in the area of the damaged knee. This is for the stem cells to restore your damaged cartilage providing a better solution to your knee problems.

To do this, the doctor will either get some of your stem cells from your bone marrow or in your adipose (fat) tissue. These stem cells will then be transplanted in your damaged knee and after a few months, it will be back to normal form!

Stem cells have been used to help regenerate lost and damaged tissue in the body. In fact, stem cell therapy has been done to many osteoarthritis sufferers and they’ve enjoyed the benefits of it.

How Stem Cells Can Be Used to Repair Bone CartilageSome even went on to say that they’ve never felt better and they are sprier than before they’ve received the transplant.

Therefore, if you want a non-invasive treatment solution for your osteoarthritis, then better look into stem cell therapies instead of knee replacement surgeries.