7 Things the Most Successful Event Planners Do Every Day

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in the event planning industry? Well, I’m telling you, it’s not an easy job. That field is plagued with challenges and stressful situations, so you need to be patient and understanding all the time. Be a dedicated and passionate event planner, then trust me, you will thrive in this profession.

Here are 7 things successful and professional event planners do on a daily basis.

1. They always prioritize work.

Event planners know how to set their prioritize. What tasks should come first? Which ones can wait? They understand which areas need the utmost focus as of the comment. Although they have very limited time on each aspect of the work, they can react quickly and address immediate challenges. They need to get things back on the right track, and afterwards, measure their performance.

Apart from setting priorities, they know how to read and utilize event data and communicate to staff members.

2. They always ask for feedback.

All feedbacks, positive or negative, can be helpful in organizing successful occasions. These are the very foundations of improvement. Since event planners measure their performances, they ask feedback from stakeholders, guests and participants using specialist platforms.

You can try tools such as SurveyMonkey to conveniently seek opinions. These websites have templates for a vast range of events—all complete with preset questions. If you don’t want to use the templates, you can also customize your own questionnaire.

3. They know how to communicate with their clients.

Good communication is key to a successful event. All dedicated event planners strive to meet and exceed their client’s expectations. Remember, if you want to impress them, you need to keep them informed of your progress. In case problems and certain issues arise, let them know ahead of time.

4. They take breaks once in a while to reflect and relax.

It’s no secret that event planning is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. But no matter how stressful the industry is, event planners are only human. They need to relax and reflect from time to time. Amidst all the challenges, they take coffee breaks and talk to their loved ones. This can maintain their motivation and focus.

5. They always research on the newest trends, and come up with new ideas.

The event planning industry is a fast-changing world. New trends grow once in a while, so to maintain efficient service, they need to study and keep themselves updated. A dedicated and wise event planner knows the current developments in the industry, and keeps track of what their competitors are doing.

6. They monitor their key metrics.

A successful event planner never leaves something to chance—they always make sure that every detail is analyzed and measured. They collect data from their previous events, and study the results. They take note of all the points for improvement.

These metrics must be monitored and reported. What is the attendee population? Are they satisfied and engaged? Even social media engagement must be measured.

7. They know how to nurture their existing relationships, and make new ones.

Maintaining good relationships with clients is an effective management strategy that will surely open doors to more opportunities. After all, in the event planning industry, it’s all about keeping an efficient network of contractors, suppliers and previous clients. This business is all about relationships.