7 Mobile App Development Tips for Startups

Startups Tips on The Development of Mobile App

As they say, a mobile application always starts with an idea and I actually do not argue with that. You might have some features that you want to be implemented in the app and you are sure that people would love it.

In some cases, your app is successful just by relying solely on your ideas, but every app idea does not provide you with the success that you’ve always wanted. There are some set processes that you can follow, though, to ensure that you’re going to achieve success in the industry.

So in this article, I will talk about 7 mobile app development tips for startups especially on ios app development.

7 Mobile App Development Tips for Startups1. See What People Like or Dislike in an App

Although you might have a grand app idea, it is still best to ask what the people really want in an application.

You could conduct quick surveys online just to gauge and see what people really want and then do your best to implement some of them.

2. Decide What Features to Incorporate Based on User Feedback

After you’ve gathered some inputs, you take a look at the common features that they want and then try to implement them in your own application.

If you are going to develop a cross-platform application, decide whether the feature that you want to be implemented can be well-integrated no matter what the operating system is. There are some features that cannot be displayed on a particular mobile OS, so you have to do your due diligence to find out if that feature is okay to incorporate or not.

3. Make Your Application Offline-Friendly

Most people nowadays make use of mobile data to access the internet, but there are some instances where people just cannot do that, probably due to money constraints or something else.

Make your application offline-friendly in the sense that they can still use your app, albeit with limited functionality.

4. Create a Simple Yet Feature-Rich App

I want to clarify that what I meant about “Simple” is not an application that is bland and boring. I meant that you go for a theme that will allow the users to use certain aspects of your website without convoluting the entire user interface.

Aside from making it clean and intuitive, make sure that your application has a rich feature set as well.

5. Keep Ads to a Minimum

7 Mobile App Development Tips for StartupsI understand that you will need to monetize your application somewhat. You might want to integrate some ads in your app just to gain some revenues. However, even though this may be the case, it is important that you do not go overboard.

People can get annoyed when they see ads on applications, so do not go gungho and add a lot of ads to your application.

6. Use the Grid System

The grid system will help align the graphical elements in your application, so be sure to use that as well.

7. Use Different Marketing Methods

No matter how robust your application may be, it will all be for naught if people are not able to see it. Make sure that you employ different marketing methods such as online ads, print ads, radio and TV ads, and any other promotional materials so that people will know that your app exists.