6 Web Design Tips to Help You Achieve Success in 2018

As search engine algorithms evolve, so are the websites. They have to be more appealing to the people and there is a need for a more streamlined user experience.

In this article, I will talk about some web design tips that will you achieve success in 2018.

1. Have a Uniform Style

Similar to engineers that create blueprints for the buildings that they will make, so are web designers who have to create style guides to make their websites.

Style guides are used in the publications industry, but the idea here is the same. Such guides are useful when creating your web page so that the overall theme and the design of it will be uniform. Also, a huge plus would be that having such a guide will give you a blueprint on how you can create your website.

2. Sidebars are Old

And therefore, have to be phased out. The original intent of creating sidebars was to give people an easier time to navigate through your page. However, that seems to be not the case. In fact, people deem it as just an obstruction and it usually eats up too much screen real estate.

When designing your site, make it a point to phase them out. Instead, create a main bar just below your site’s logo and offer different navigation options from there.

3. Use Big Typography

What makes the contents of your website easy to read? You’ve guessed it, use bigger fonts. More and more website building companies are using bigger fonts on their site because it really helps grab the user’s attention.

Furthermore, it is infinitely better to read something that is already big and people will not need to zoom in or even squint just to get the gist of what has been written on the page.

4. Make Responsive Design a Priority

Back in the day, the only way for people to access a website is through the use of their computers. But, that is not the case nowadays. In fact, more than 60% of the global population is using their smartphones just for that.

So, it is more important than ever to ditch the old style and make use of the responsive design. This design basically makes it so that wherever a person views a site, they can be viewed optimally. So, whether they’re using their mobile devices or their desktop computers, what is written on your page will look exactly the same and more optimized for the screen size as well.

5. Put to Mind Easier Navigation

Aside from ditching the sidebar, it is equally important to remove as much clutter as you can. If you want to put a main bar on the of the page, make it a point to separate it based on categories. Also, remove side-scrolling images as it can be a pain to navigate as well.

6. Use Better Images

Incorporating images on your website is a good idea. But, instead of using just any photos you can find on the Internet, you could get some on your own. Make sure to get a good camera to capture high-quality images.

If you do not want to get some on your own, you could get sign up for a premium account on stock photo websites.


Web design has come a long way and some that worked before will not work optimally in this day and age.